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A New Day

  The soft relaxing music of a piano makes my soul feel beautiful like  a sunrise.  This painting is a reflection of that feeling.  All the  beautiful colors found in a sunrise flow from the piano and are  reflected in the keys.   

12x16" unframed

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City Nights

 This painting has the feeling of walking in the city at night in the rain and hearing jazz music wafting in the air around you.  

8x10" unframed

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Girl and her horse painting. Buddies forever. Horse art. Equestrian painting.

My Buddy

A young girl and her horse, her best friend and confidant, saying goodnight at the end of the day. 

12 x 16" unframed 

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Freedom through grace painting. Dance painting.

Freedom Through Grace

 This girl in a white dress is expressing her freedom found in grace by  dancing.  Her white dress reflects some of the colors of the background.  The background is almost confetti like with it's splashes of purples,  pinks, yellows, greens, and blues. She seams to be bursting through the  confetti colors into the bright light of freedom.  

12 x 16" unframed

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Guitar sound waves painting. Guitar art. Guitar wall art.

Sound Waves

 This is a very colorful abstract painting of the sounds of music coming from a guitar. 

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Sunset walk painting. Forest art. Spring forest painting. Aspen wall art.

Sunset Walk

 This painting was inspired by the song "Good" by Matthew West & Leigh Nash.
I  don't know what the Garden of Eden was like.  But, I do know how  beautiful the Colorado mountains are on a summer evening.  A quiet place  with a worn path through a beautiful aspen forest full of blooming  wildflowers at sunset.  

12 x 16 unframed

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Rose painting, Rose art, Pink Roses. Flower wall art.


 Beautiful impressionist painting of a summer rose garden.  Light and  dark pink roses in a sea of green leaves with other colored roses  sprinkled into the background.  

12 x 16" unframed

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Chrysanthemum painting, mums wall art, Flower painting.

Autumn Mums

 I love autumn with it's last burst of colors before winter sets in.  My  flower garden comes alive with color when the chrysanthemums begin to  bloom.

This is an original acrylic painting of autumn  chrysanthemums in bloom.  The background's blue and greens showcases the  beautiful array of autumn colors in the flowers.  

12 x 16" unframed

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Trumpet painting, music wall art, trumpet blast and lightening art.

Midnight Cry

 Impressionist painting of a trumpet in a night sky with lightning.  The  brushstrokes in the clouds have a feather-like look to them.

When  I was painting this trumpet I was thinking of Matthew 24- and He will  send out His angels with the mighty blast of a trumpet. I love the  mighty, almost heart stopping, sound of trumpets, and I can’t help but  wonder what the horns from heaven sound like.  

12 x 16" unframed

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Aspen tree painting, aspen wall art, aspen tree scars

Aspen Scars

This is an abstract painting of Aspen Scars, the eyes of an Aspen Tree.  The blue sky is twinkling through the aspen leaves in the background. The scars on the tree are beautiful and make the tree unique.  Scars make us who we are.  They are evidence that we are survivors.

12 x 16" unframed

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Aspen forest, Aspen painting, fire painting, Aspen wall art.

Dry Bones

 This painting was inspired by the song "Come Alive" by Lauren Daigle and Ezekiel 37.

New growth Aspen trees amidst the burnt remains of a forest fire with a light wind blowing the ash around.
 A new day starting fresh with early morning light.  Evidence of the  past destruction all around, yet life still remains with hope. It amazes  me how God can breathe life back into something so destructive.  

12 x 16" unframed

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Coffee painting, coffee wall art, coffee shop decor.

Hope of Spring

 This painting is of a beautiful black and blue hand thrown coffee mug in  an early Spring garden setting.  The buds from the Aspen tree are  reflecting in the black coffee.  There are dead leaves and branches from  the winter season surrounding the mug.  In the background there are  brand new little tulip leaves emerging from the soil.  

8 x 10" unframed

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Espresso painting, coffee wall art, coffee shop decor

Espresso Shot

 One of my favorite things in the world is coffee and coffee shops. I  love the aroma of fresh ground coffee, the hissing of the espresso  machine when the barista is steaming milk, the vapor curling off a rich  dark coffee as it is being poured, and the colors of the crema twirling  on top of an espresso.  

8 x 10" unframed

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Winter painting, snow painting, winter wall art.

Winter Mist

 This impressionistic painting is of a few trees in the snow on a  cold  winter morning. They are shrouded in an icy mist with the soft warm glow  of the rising sunlight in the background.  

10 x 20"

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